Wartime Lovers: this is the first video I ever made for one of my songs back in August 2016. I knew nothing or at least very little about videomaking and didn't have any useful video material to start with. Then, I dicovered and downloaded a bunch of short videoclips from the Videoblocks website and put together some nice video sequenses that actually worked very well with the song and lyrics. It took me almost a month to finish it up using Windows Movie Maker but I got through it. Some videoclips were FREE due to commercial use and some I had to pay for so I'm not guilty in using these selected video clips illegally in any way. The video was released on Youtube, September 11 - 2016,   *(re-published December 29, 2017)

New Gusto Music: this video was recorded/filmed with my Samsung Galaxy A3 on January 27, 2018 and released the same day. It was just something I felt like doing to remind you I am working in my little home studio, writing and recording new songs which is to be launched on Spotify and iTunes in just a few weeks. Sounds a bit boxy and looks a bit dark and blurry but good enough to watch and listen to as it isn't too bad eiher.