You might have noticed or you may not but I'm in the studio working on a solo album (i hate to call it that but that's basicly what it is) and progress is going fine. No release date is set for the upcoming album yet but I don't think I can hold it back any longer than March next year so March it is then :-) 10 songs, Rock 'n' f*****g Roll on CD and vinyl as well as digital download for those who prefer it that way. What can I say: I'm excited, inspired and feeling great about all this because the songs are the best I've ever written! Hey, even the album cover is almost done.

Good times & Gusto for all!

Cheers, LG,  Oct 20  - 18.



Been a long time since I updated my news blog and quite frankly, I'm a bit embassased of myself because of that. I ain't much of a blogger to say it least but I'll try my best to change and keep you on track in the future. Just want you to know there is brand new LIGHTNING GUSTO music available for streaming and downloading out there and there's more to come soon so stay tuned and the music will find you.  

Cheers & Have A Great Day. 

LIGHTNING GUSTO on Fatman''s Rock Show. 

Hey all.  

*Scotland, UK and elsewhere..  

Lightning Gusto appears on Fatman's Rock Show, this Thursday night (Oct 13) 10pm UK time. Loads of great music from Saxon, Whitesnake, Slayer, AC/DC, Winery Dogs, Crowbar, Tony Iommi aaaannnd,,,,, you guessed it right; Lightning Gusto. Stick around and have a listen. 

Cheers - LG, Norway.