1. Wartime Lovers

Well, I just turned 47 and I guess that makes me qualified and old enough to write silly love songs about heartache and loss without having to be ashamed by it. This is Wartime Lovers and hope you like it. Cheers!



Why you always leaving me alone?
Once you're mine you likely will be gone
I sense no reason anymore
Now, ain't it a shame
A shame and a disgrace

I wanna roll with you forever
Done parting ways as wartime lovers
You're all I see and all I'm dreaming
Still looking for that endless summer
Into the hallow with you
Flat on our backs in the sun

Tell me 'bout it, maybe I don't know
Cause I can't stand the sight of seeing you go
Sometimes I fail to help myself
From growing the pain
What a waste


I know just how things are going to be
Take me for a ride, set your love free
Ooohh - Hunny I'm waiting
Head over here and let's sin
I gotta have it........