1. Rage & Ruin
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This song is about being stuck in a place where you don't want to be and shouldn't be when you really should be some place else much more comfortable. Everybody's been there and it's not an enjoyable situation. Anyway, hope you like the song and thanks for listening, sharing and downloading this track. Cheers, LG - Storsteinnes, NO.


Rage & Ruin

Lights are out and the airport closed
The world is somewhere out there
Within the murderous snow
I grab my bags and mourn the wait
I'm coming down to see you
When the weather's on the change

I won't be gone 'til later
What a drag
And I'm going nowhere soon
And there's no use in sighing louder
The only sound I hear
Is the sound of rage & ruin

And how I wish I could flee the land
Off to someplace better
To have my share of sun and tan
Here alone and bound to stay
California dreaming
On such a fucked up day


It's the sound and the roar of discord