1. Damaged Youth
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I grew up poor and white
To others discontent
I guess they're still kinda bothered
And lady luck was never
Ever my best friend
Oh well, how could I ever blame her

But what's a messed up kid supposed to do
When they don't want him at their door

I've been roaming over bad lands
Along the dead ends
Now look what it's gotten me into
Never knowing about the good things
Always wondering and
Stoking my damaged youth

Had these fervent sights
Of great things to be done
Oh yea, but they shut me out before I started
Maybe it's true what they say
Some has got lesser souls
And never will have their moment

I could sink my dreams and let them drown
Cause what the hell have I got to lose


I have no stern regrets for all things
Said and done
I hope I nag you 'til the end
Yea I do, yes I do


I'm running, I'm stumbling, still roaming....