Hi there. 

Lots of people have been asking me about my musical career recently and where it's headed.  That's interesting so I'll try to shed some light on the issue in this blog post.  

The truth is; I wish I could tell you where my musical career is headed but I honestly don't know. At this very moment I have no band or plans to start booking gigs and go on tour. Of course, I would love to take my LIGHTNING GUSTO project on the road but I'm afraid it's not possible due to the fact there is no band, no money and no management involved but most of all because I'm in the studio recording what is to become the first LIGHTNING GUSTO album. Yes, there is an album in the making and it's my #1 priority at the time being and for as long as it takes. (*Release date will be announced later.) I'm actually enjoying the privilege of being on my own writing my own songs with no intervention from other musicians. You might think that's an egoistic and selfish act but let me tell you, I'm loving it. The freedom of writing music as myself and for myself, singing about stuff that's important for me to sing about is an amazing feeling. I've never been able to do that in any band I've been involved with in the past.There was always rules and restrictions on what to sing about and how the band should sound. That's fair enough up to a certain degree and I've tried my best to adapt to others demands and needs but it's not so cool when you're being told, time after time, to change and write music that sounds like "these guys and those guys" just to satisfy the audience at your shows, unrealistic greedy and one-track-minded venue owners but saddest of all, the guys you're sharing stage with. It's not that my songs aren't good enough because they are. It's because they sound different and the average listener don't know how to grab them because they are expecting something else. I like to call the genre "modern alternative rock" and perhaps it is not for everyone but that's OK. Anyway, with this LIGHTNING GUSTO project, there is none of that shit going on. It is of course very natural since I'm running the whole show and are allowed to do whatever I want to do. Because of me alone trying to make it in the music business, I am probably more than likely bound to fail so I don't expect to gain huge popularity and a broad fan following but I'm having good times again with my music and that's a wonderful thing and perhaps the most important thing of all. But yes, I do miss being in a band, playing live and going on tours because playing live is the coolest thing. It really is and I haven't done that since 2015 except from a few guest apperances here and there. I won't exclude the thought of maybe one day, I will appear on a stage again together with a full band performing LIGHTNING GUSTO songs but there are no plans for such activities yet and I don't know if it's possible due to many reasons. Not all of them are musically related but that's material for another blog. So, back to where I started with this blog; I really don't know where my musical career is headed. It could be nowhere and everywhere. At least I hope somewhere. There is going to be an album, that's for sure and hopefully I will hook up with some great guys, form a band, go on tour and take on the world. Sounds like a plan, aye? We'll see what happens.

Thanks for reading all this crappy nonsense. I hope it made sense anyway.

Cheers & Have A Great day  

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